Sunday, March 30, 2008

Event: Regional transit meetings

For the past year and a half, John Hertel, the "transit czar" hired by the Regional Transportation Coordinating Council, has been meeting with area leaders to build consensus on a regional transit plan. Now he's taking public input at three open houses:

  • Tuesday, April 8, from 3-7 pm, at the SEMCOG offices in the Buhl Building (535 Griswold) in downtown Detroit
The future of this region depends on mass transit. That's why the Detroit News published an editorial today in favor of a strong regional transit authority that can move this plan forward.

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jen said...

I just wanted to add that anyone interested in bringing mass transit to Detroit should check out Transportation Riders United (TRU) at They're a really active transit advocacy organization with a lot of great volunteer opportunities and other ways to get involved.