Monday, March 17, 2008

Goodbye Detroit Boat Club?

In the State of the City address, the mayor briefly mentioned a plan to build a boarding school on Belle Isle. Now that the uproar over Kwame's outburst has calmed down, the plan is finally getting attention in the News and on the Detroit Yes! forums.

The proposal is to build a military-style maritime academy for Detroit high school students where the historic but decaying Detroit Boat Club now stands. It's unclear whether the Boat Club would be rehabbed or razed, but many fear the latter and are outraged. My bet is the school will never be built, so it won't matter, but this serves as a reminder of the administration's a) disregard for community input and b) total lack of vision for the island.

Update: The News published an article last September that discusses the Boat Club's dismal future and its current state of disrepair.