Thursday, April 24, 2008

Light rail plans officially announced

Model D and Metromode have an enthusiastic report on Monday's official announcement of the DTOGS plan for a Woodward light rail line.

Meanwhile, according to Crain's, the anonymous group that's considering privately funding a light rail line on Woodward from Hart Plaza to Grand Boulevard will meet with DTOGS, presumably to discuss coordinating the plans.


Matt said...

This really just looks like a streetcar running up a couple blocks of Woodward. I was hoping it would be a regional interurban line, but oh well.

see also:

Cooper said...

The line will run more than "a couple blocks." The private line would run from Downtown to New Center (2 miles) , which encompasses the city's active urban core, and the public line would extend it to 8 Mile (another 7 miles).

It's true that we're setting the bar kind of low, but we need to begin somewhere, and this is the best way (politically) to start.