Saturday, May 24, 2008

DPS superintendent criticized

The Detroit News questions DPS Superintendent Connie Calloway's competence:

Superintendent Connie Calloway is drawing criticism for a series of recent communication missteps that have community leaders and even supporters concerned that she may be losing buy-in for initiatives that are essential to rehabilitating the 106,000-student school system.

Calloway's plan to overhaul five low-performing schools nearly collapsed before getting off the ground as frustrated parents and board members blasted her administration for its lack of information on the concept. She has been absent for meetings on the school overhaul initiative and for a press conference on the district's $45 million budget deficit.

"Either she is passionately disrespectful or just inept, but at $280,000 a year, neither is acceptable," said radio talk show host Mildred Gaddis.
Perhaps saving DPS is too great a task for anyone to handle.

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msblkwidow said...

Many staff members in the Normandy School District can share many horror stories with you concerning Connie Calloway and her entouage.
I believe she should not be around schools at all. She tends to lower any progress made by hard working people. The moral in our district became so low that teachers didn't know which way to turn. And, it appeared as if she didn't care about what the staff thought or felt.She also had trouble with several board members.
She was bought out of a couple of contracts before coming to St. Louis.
Good luck Detroit.