Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A dark time for the city

The FBI is investigating four members of the City Council for corruption. The mayor refuses to resign despite felony charges. And DPS is facing a $400 million budgetary crisis as enrollment plummets.

This summer will surely mark a low point politically for the city. The Free Press calls it "a moment of truth for Detroit." The question is whether new leadership will finally step up to move the city forward from its past of corruption and decay.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully this corruption doesn't greatly hinder the city's efforts to get key legislation through.

Also, I am curious to know if this "gas crisis" has catalyzed the movement for light rail. Do you know if any serious progress being made on this issue?

In Boston T ridership is way up and there are plans for many expansions of the light rail service.

I looked through your transit posts but I couldn't find any very recent items.


Cooper said...

Bus ridership is rising in Metro Detroit but I don't think the increases are as dramatic as elsewhere because the service is so limited. I'll post an update soon on local transit developments, but I recommend TRU's website if you want to keep up to date on plans for light rail:

That's where I go to get info (supplemented with the never-ending swirl of rumors on Detroit Yes!).

Chosen said...

This is getting put of control. It's going to be interesting how this turns out.

Thanks for that link cooper. Take care.

Anonymous said...

I was about to open a business in Detroit.I am now stopping the planning stage.I want no part of Kwame and The screwed up bloodsuckers that run Detroit.
My Business would have employed around 60 people.I am now taking my investment west of telegraph or north of 8 mile.KWAME,CONYERS,MCPHAIL,REVVES,WATSON,
.Would someboday tell anthony adams to shave he looks like a freaking bum.I hope you all go to jail.Maybe I'll still open a business in Detroit but not till Dave Bing or somebody with morals is running the city.The people of Detroit will probally elect Kwame again if they get the chance.I live in Detroit's Indian Village and I can't even do business in Detroit where I pay taxes and big taxes I might add 7000 a year on my house alone.....GRRRR RIP Detroit