Sunday, October 12, 2008

Elsewhere on the web

As I've mentioned before, I'm currently abroad in Santiago, Chile, and I won't be back until December. With that in mind, I wanted to recommend two other blogs to read in the meantime.

  • First, The Incorrigible City, which is a lot like this blog except that it also has nice photos and a sense of humor -- both traits worth imitating.
  • Second, Detroit Blog, which remains the best blog about Detroit. His secret to success? He actually talks to people and the stories he uncovers are fascinating.


Evan said...

Wow, that Detroit Blog is fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

Ken said...

I agree that Detroit Blog is quite good, but I do find it weird that entire huge posts are taken directly from The Metro Times (which he does credit appropriately). I'm not sure if the writer of the blog also writes for The Metro Times, but I do find that a little bit odd.

Cooper said...

It's not as odd as you think. The author of the Detroit Blog and the author of those Metro Times articles are one and the same: Detroitblogger John. He started writing for the Metro Times about a year ago, and he always reposts his articles online.