Saturday, October 4, 2008

Public art manifesto

I should have linked to it two weeks ago, but the Metro Times has a must-read article calling for more real, radical public art in Detroit. Jenenne Whitfield, the executive director of the Heidelberg Project, has the best quote:

"Attracting cool to the city — that notion is so tired. I'm so sick of that class of people who need to be massaged to live here. We give far too much credit to those folks. This city has never understood who we are or what we have here. We need to wake up the neighborhoods, shake the city up," says Whitfield."


Eva G. said...

I really enjoy your blog posts. They're concise, informative and damned interesting. It's good to see people that still care about the D.

Cooper said...

Thanks! Hopefully in December you can add "timely" to that great list of adjectives. I've been in Chile since July, so updates have been sporadic at best, but I look forward to blogging more when I return.