Monday, January 26, 2009

Bad or worse choices

I don't envy Ken Cockrel's job. Today the News lists his options for balancing the budget. Observers expect 1) the closure of city parks and recreation centers, 2) the selling of remaining city assets at bargain prices, 3) at least 1,000 layoffs, and 4) a new deal to sell the city's rights to the Detroit-Windsor tunnel.

Is he sure he wants to run for a full term? His old job sure is popular. As of Friday, nearly 330 people had taken out petitions to run for City Council's nine open seats -- and the deadline isn't until May 12! Each applicant needs 458 signatures to make the ballot, so they won't all qualify, but a couple hundred might. Good luck standing out in that list. Better hope your last name begins with an A or a B.

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