Friday, January 9, 2009

DPS gets something right ... or not

Just a year after it was first announced, the Henry Ford Academy: School for Creative Studies, an arts academy for seventh to twelfth graders, is set to open in the newly redeveloped Argonaut Building. This is public education done right -- a focused curriculum, major institutional backers, a pledge to graduate college-ready students, an architectural gem saved, and an economic boost to the New Center area.

Update: In the comments, a reader points out that this new school is not, in fact, a DPS initiative. Daniel Howes calls it a "public school" in the first sentence, but it's actually a private charter -- one that is free and open to any applicant, but private nonetheless. Oh well, it was nice to imagine for a moment that DPS was capable of reform.


N said...

As much as I like to see and acknowledge all the things that DPS gets right, this proposed school is not one of their successes. The Henry Ford Academy will be a charter school and not a part of the Detroit Public Schools.

Cooper said...

You're right. Daniel Howes calls it a "public school" in the first sentence, but it's not. I should have known it was too good to be true. When has DPS ever been innovative? It's a good idea regardless -- I just wish DPS were behind it rather than against it.

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