Sunday, June 21, 2009

Link Drop - June 21, 2009

  • Detroit's been tapping library and school funds to meet payroll (Free Press). That's illegal and could mean a state-imposed fiscal manager is in the city's future.
  • After months of debate over whether the city should keep using the incinerator, residents were told Thursday that the city actually has no choice (Detroit News). If the incinerator matches the best price offered by the landfills, the city's contractually obligated to keep using it (Metro Times).
  • Over on Detroit Yes, a poster (tangerine) makes a persuasive case that Woodward Avenue, from downtown all the way out to Pontiac, is the region's best hope for a dense, urban core. Downtown and Midtown Detroit would be just two anchors among many along the route (as is the case, in reality, now).

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Eva G. said...

Woodward Avenue is where it's at, for sure.