Friday, June 26, 2009

Link Drop - June 26, 2009

  • The Lafayette Building is coming down (Free Press). The Downtown Development Authority voted unanimously to demolish the historic, 1920s-era structure, preservationists be damned. 
  • A new Cobo deal is headed to Detroit for the council's approval (Free Press).
  • The Ilitches will renegotiate the lease on Joe Louis Arena (Crain's). It's not clear yet whether the goal is to renovate the stadium or buy time before building a new one.


Marisa said...

It's overwhelming, you posting so often, even if they are short.

Cooper said...

Is it overkill? I thought I'd try it for a few months and see if a) people like it and b) I can keep up the pace.

Ultimately I'd like to move the blog to its own domain and run it on Word Press. That way I can separate the content into separate sections. Longer commentary will be in the left column; the Link Drop will probably become its own box on the right; and I could add some other content that Blogger doesn't really allow for.

In fact, I'd switch it now, but the domain I want is taken. I'm hoping the current owner won't renew it and I can grab it in the fall. In the meantime I'm thinking about registering the same domain as .org, just to get started, although I don't want to seem like an organization when I'm not one.