Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Link Drop - July 15, 2009

  • An offshore wharf is being added to the dock being built near Hart Plaza, enabling ferry service along the Detroit River (Free Press).
  • Sam Riddle and Mary Waters have been indicted for corruption, and more indictments may still be on the way (Free Press).
  • The DPS board is going to court to limit fiscal manager Robert Bobb's control over academics (News). The Free Press has a good editorial on the matter, wondering whether the board is being ignored because the city plans to switch to a mayor-led school system when Bobb's one-year term is up.
  • Mayor Bing wants to reduce city employees' pay by 10%, just as Cockrel originally proposed (Free Press).
  • A new Brookings Institution report says traffic patterns don't justify twinning the Ambassador Bridge, yet the authors still support the proposed public span (News).


Matt said...

My mission to add a Detroit Wiki page each day continues. Today: Sam Riddle

I'll try to keep a fairly even positive:negative article ratio.

Anonymous said...

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