Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Link Drop - July 21, 2009

  • The Wall Street Journal writes about the probable bankruptcy of Detroit Public Schools. Today the district officially lost its first-class status, meaning more charter schools may open in the city, perhaps hastening the district's decline (Free Press).
  • This Thursday, Net Impacts of Southeast Michigan will host a discussion on "Critical Topics in Sustainability: Land Use and Urban Agriculture" (GLUE).
  • Since 2005, the number of vacant addresses in Detroit has doubled to an astonishing 78,000, prompting community development groups to change strategies just to keep their neighborhoods intact (Model D).


Matt said...

Is anyone maintaining a database of vacancies? Or are there several scattered around?

Cooper said...

The article cites the US Post Office, which keeps track of vacant addresses. But some land has been vacant so long the Post Office probably never goes near. I've heard the figure might be closer to 100,000 now.

To my knowledge, the city doesn't keep track of vacancies, although if you look at the holdings of the city, the MI Land Bank, the Wayne County Treasurer, and any banks you get a pretty good idea of what's vacant.

For more info, check out the Detroit Vacant Property Campaign:


Matt said...

The VPC is interesting, but most useful would be a spreadsheet with columns for property - value - size - address - owner, instead of just summary maps.

Matt said...

(that was not directed at you, Cooper -- just a general comment)